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Here's a list of 125 interesting apple facts.  I gathered this information by reading a lot of different apple Internet sites and learned a few new things!  Hope you do too.  Using a yellow marker, highlight whatever facts you want to share with your students. After reading your list, test comprehension by asking children to choose 1,3,or 5 facts that they found most interesting and write them on their apple journaling page.

4 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K.1d, L.1.1a

This apple matching game is inexpensive to make, as they sell clip-on clothespins at The Dollar Store. This FREEBIE is part of my jumbo Alphabet Wheels Activity Packet.   For your convenience, I've included a preview.

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Here's a list of my favorite apple books.

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The life cycle of an apple dangler, is quite lovely when completed. Younger children can make this as a flat project, older students can add extra pizzazz, by making it 3D.  To do that, simply glue 2 treetops and 2 tree trunks together on the fold.  The 3D apple is made up of a red, yellow and green apple.  The blossom is a coffee filter, with the edges colored by a pink marker.

7 pages.

A quick and easy "craftivity" that reinforces colors of apples, those color words, + rhyming.  This is a great whole-group activity to assess listening and following directions. Make 2 separate booklets, or glue front to back for one.

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Students will enjoy practicing 1-to-1 correspondence, by counting red, yellow and green pony beads onto apples numbered 1-5, and 6-10.  Color, as well as black and white apple cards, are included. If you like these cards, be sure and check out the matching pumpkin set.

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Your students will enjoy painting their bowl red, yellow or lime green. They add apple "seeds" to the flip side, by pressing their index finger onto a brown stamp pad, and then making a star pattern in the center of the white circle.  If you want to make an apple "noisemaker-shaker" add a spoonful of rice or birdseed, before you staple the creation together.  Punch a hole in the stem and suspend from the ceiling.

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Reinforce counting to 10 with this sweet keepsake craft.  The apples are fingerprints dipped in red glitter glue.  You could also use red or yellow paint.  The trunk of the apple tree was made by tracing the arm and hand of a child, with their fingers spread to make the branches. To add that finishing touch, have students glue their school photo in the hollow of the tree.

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Help reinforce the science fact that apples can be 3 colors, with this quick and easy apple "craftivity." Includes an apple grid with large squares for little ones, and another with smaller squares for older students.

9 pages.

Your students will enjoy patterning with these apples.  They are a quick and easy way to help students understand the concept of patterning. Print, laminate and trim the apple cards, to make a lot of different pattern possibilities. Includes a red, yellow and green set of apples, featuring A,B, and C letters on them, as well as a blank set of each color, to program with whatever; plus a black and white set if you want to conserve ink, and run off on construction paper, to make games for your students.

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