8 pages. Review and reinforce spatial directions using apples!
8 pages. Review and learn shapes with Wiggle worm.

9 pages. Apple Annie will help your students easily learn shapes in this adorable back-to-school story about contentment.

3 pages. Apple-adorable way for your students to sequence & count numbers.

3 pages A wonderful counting keepsake! Children write the number then press their finger into a stamp pad and make a group/set of that many fingerprint "seeds".
13 pages. This is the student version. (2 are printed on a page.) An easy and fun way to reinforce counting, number - word recognition as well as practice writing and sequencing numbers.
13 pages. Large, full-page version, nice for a teacher's copy. Review counting with this fun twist of the 10 Little Indians song.
96 pages of "apple-icious" activities for your students to bite into!
92 pages of fun and easy apple art your students will take delight in doing!
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