5 pages.

Increase your students' writing skills with this quick and easy apple "craftivity" that reinforces the use of adjectives, at the same time learning about the 5 senses.  This activity will be free for an entire YEAR, after which time, it will be up-dated & become part of my Apple Sense Science & Writing Packet.

10 pages.

This Johnny Appleseed packet will help students develop their writing skills.  It includes:

  • A fact sheet about Johnny Appleseed that the teacher reads.
  • 2 Johnny Appleseed's Pot Hat "craftivities" to test comprehension. Make just the hat with the "flip for facts" pot handle, or have students draw a self portrait, or take a head shot of them, so that children can glue the pot on top of their head.
  • A "Tell me 3 facts about Johnny Appleseed" writing prompt.
  • A "Write 5 adjectives describing Johnny Appleseed" graphic organizer.
  • + a Johnny Appleseed graphing extension.

19 pages.

Run off on red, yellow and green construction paper; laminate and trim the 66 antonym apples to make puzzles.  Use them for games too, such as Memory Match or toss them in a basket and have students choose several, to play "I Have; Who Has?"   The apples provide 132 words to help build student vocabularies.  A blank apple template is also included.

Be sure and check out my list of 290 antonyms + a cover so students can make their own antonym word booklets.

I've also included 80 synonym leaves with 2 blank leaf templates.  Run off on green construction paper, laminate and trim.  Encourage students to write in synonyms of their own.

32 pages. This packet covers quite a few Common Core State Standards, that involve math and language arts.

18 pages.

Help reinforce number recognition, sequencing, and skip counting by 10's, as students use fine motor skills and advanced thinking, to put the numbered apple puzzles together.  You can also use the puzzles to make an apple flip booklet. (See inside photo.)

1 page.

Increase vocabulary by reinforcing words associated with apples. Have students write them in alphabetical order to practice spelling as well as alphabetizing. Encourage students to use these words in their writing journals.  The owl clip art is by Laura Strickland.

7 pages.

Games grab your students attention and keep them focused, while they learn a variety of life skills and standards.  Print, laminate and trim the game board template and apple playing pieces.  Includes a simple version for younger kiddo's, as well as a bit more complicated set of directions for 1st graders.

35 pages.

You will love how many activities you can do with these apples that help cover numerous Common Core State Standards. The photo only shows a sampling of what's in the packet.

The packet includes: numbered apples from 1-120.  Use these as anchor charts or a help poster for your students math folders. The apple 1-120 individual strips, can be cut to form a number line to aid in counting up to 100 Day. There are 16 "What's Missing?" activity sheets.  Run them off for students to fill in, or laminate and have children place number tiles on empty spaces. There are apples with numbers as well as number words. Use them for games, pocket charts, or your word wall. Skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's is also included + 4 games, with the ability to create many more.  Math symbols allow students to use the apples to create and solve equations.

13 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3a

Use these themed apple cards to teach/review digital and analog time to the hour and half hour. This FREE packet includes 2 assessments, plus a black and white template and cover, so children can make their own Itty Bitty Telling Time booklet.  This is a special FREEBIE in my TpT shop.  Click on the link to grab yours today.

7 pages.

These activities can be used several different ways: as a worksheet for table top sequencing, as a flip book, or for a game.  Also includes 6 life cycle of an apple teacher cards, suitable for your word wall, pocket chart or mini booklet.

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