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12 pages. Build self-esteem and give certificates to ALL of your students. 12 different kinds for a variety of topics and subjects. These are the same ones featured in the graduation pack. I wanted to provide a separate download for older grades.
1 page. Use this template for an anchor chart to fill in whatever... Makes nice stationery for a newsletter, charts, directions, lists, or a writing prompt.
1 page. Use this large pencil as an anchor chart to fill in whatever... Makes fun stationery for a newsletter, list, rules, sub folder, directions. Cute for a writing prompt. List "Sharp" students who got 100% on their spelling or math quiz.
2 pages. Use these as anchor charts for whatever... Nice for class contracts, writing prompts or an activity for Constitution Day.

15 pages An easy and fun way to improve behavior and reinforce math skills.When you see students behaving appropriately (everyone completed their morning work) have a student choose a number from the jar. Another student traces that number on the 100's B

11 pages. Great way to control behavior at the same time build self-esteem.  These cards reinforce and work well with the "Fill a Bucket" program too.

16 pages. An easy and fun way to get your students to shine.
1 page. Use this template for certificates, to write a newsletter in February, an anchor chart for behavior teachers LOVE or for a writing prompt for students to write about something they really enjoy doing, a food they love so much they could eat it ev
1 page. Fill in your own information or have students choose a classmate out of the basket and create a certificate for them writing about some of their accomplishments.
12 pages. A terrific easy reader for young students that includes wonderful math extensions.
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