100 Days With Sammy Snake


6 pages.

Count up to your 100th Day with Sammy by reading a few alliterative lines each day that are a bit of a tongue twister with the letter S.

The gist of the story is that Sammy the snake and friends with names that start with the letter S, (1 new friend is added each day!) spy different things each day.

Your students will enjoy looking around your classroom and spying things with Sammy as they count the coordinating number of things on that numerical day!

What does Sammy count on the 12th day of school?

The 12 numbers on the clock of course!

What does he spy on the 26th day of school?

The 26 letters of the alphabet!

I also made a quick & easy sock puppet to make things even more fun.
Click on the other Star view button for a page of other things I do in my class to count up to our 100th day of school!

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