69 pages.

Cover all sorts of Common Core Standards with this fire truck-themed fire safety packet. 

10 pages.

Use this fire safety craft to help reinforce the importance of not playing with fire.  Younger students can make the 2-piece dangler; older students can make the larger 3 dimensional flame and use it to write about 3 different aspects of fire safety (one on each flame).  The packet includes a list of 13 fire safety writing prompts that students can choose from. I truly believe that if you have super-interesting prompts, your students will be excited about writing and WANT to get right down to business!  This packet will be FREE for an entire year (!) woo hoo. After which time, it will be revamped and put in Diane's Dollar Deals, in my TpT shop.  Click on the link to zip on over.

11 pages.

Reinforce fire safety practices with this easy craftivity, where students promise to never play with fire. The flames are a child's hand prints. (Look closely and you'll see that they've been crinkled to look more like flames.) Older students attach their "bonfire" to a writing prompt paper, (2 choices) color and complete the prompt.  I've included a "We Promise" pledge poster for everyone to sign.  This craftivity has been up-dated and is a special FREEBIE in my TpT shop.  Click on the link to grab your copy today: Keep Your Hands Off Fire!

12 pages.

I think if you include a simple and quick craft for students to make and attach to their writing prompt, they'll get more excited.  I've included 24 scarecrow-themed writing prompts for them to choose from.  As you can see by the photo, there are 2 ways to display children's work.  Completed projects make an awesome bulletin board, or look sweet hanging back-to-back from the ceiling. 

8 pages.

Students will enjoy creating this cute scarecrow-themed welcome fall banner, as they practice their writing skills.  Glue writing prompts on the back. (There are 3 options.) Suspend completed projects from the ceiling.

17 pages

Venn diagrams are a quick, easy and fun way to help students understand the concepts of comparison and contrast.  These apple Venn diagrams are an interesting way to learn about your students, as well as an enjoyable way to practice name recognition and letters.

11 pages.

I designed the folder flip files, as a way to introduce early elementary students to doing research and putting facts that they find interesting into their own words.  These are a great precursor to reports that they'll later be writing.

17 pages.

Here's a quick, easy and fun writing prompt for back to school.  Completed projects look awesome dangling from the ceiling, swirling and twirling as they wave so long to summer, and hello to a brand new school year. 

3 pages.

This is a quick, easy and fun back to school activity.  Students color their calculator their favorite color, and then complete the writing prompt: "By my calculations it's going to be a great year because..."  Add a school photo for the finishing touch.  Completed projects make a sweet bulletin board. 

12 pages.

Ready! Set! Action! is an interesting and fun way to help your students learn about verbs.  This game also acts as a classroom management technique to help students "get the wiggles out".  Students enjoy the action of the activity, while you reinforce the grammar concept.

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