New Year's

4 pages.

What do students see in their future for the New Year?  This "craftivity" makes a fun January writing prompt.  Students can write their goals, resolutions, or hopes for the New Year around the glasses.  So that you can redo this activity each year, I've included numbers for any year in the future.

12 pages.

Students reflect on the past and jot down memorable moments inside that year, as well as activities, goals, hopes for the New Year.  Includes pages through 2024.  Mount completed reflections on construction paper for an interesting January bulletin board.

8 pages.

Help students learn to count backwards from 10 to 0, with these 5 New Year countdown puzzles. You can laminate and use them as an independent center or run off copies for each child to take one home for more practice. 

4 pages

When your students return after Christmas break, have this interesting writing prompt ready for them.  Run off the balloons on a variety of colors of construction paper.  Students choose one, trim and complete the 3 writing prompts.  A school photo adds that finishing touch. 

4 pages.

6 parade-themed writing prompts for the New Year.  Also includes a Venn diagram so students can compare and contrast the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with the Tournament of Roses New Year's Parade.

2 pages.

Looking for a quick and easy bulletin board for January, or need an interesting winter writing prompt?  Run off copies of the New Year's resolutions template on white construction paper.  Students complete the writing prompt, then trace their hand, color it, and add some rings decorated with flat-backed rhinestones.  For that extra bit of pizzazz, glue their photo somewhere on their work, and mount on their favorite color of construction paper.

2 pages.

When your students return from break, challenge them to see how many words that they can make, using the letters in Happy New Year.  Set a timer for however many minutes you want them to work on this.  I've included my list of 267 words that you can share with your students.  Are there some that they don't know?  Give them some time to add them to their list and then look them up.

4 pages.

When your students come back from Christmas break, discuss resolutions and the goals that they have for the New Year.  Children choose a ball and complete the writing prompt.  After they share their work, collect and sprinkle on a green-turf background, using the enclosed caption poster in the center:  Having A Ball Reaching Our New Year Goals.  I've also included 2 more writing-prompt stationery pages, for journal options, including one with a hockey theme. 

10 pages.

Practice place value with this fun craftivity.  Students trace, write, cut and glue the numbers under the appropriate "doors" that flip up, to reveal the year.  Students practice subtraction by subtracting the year they were born, from the New Year to get their age. 

2 pages. A fun way to welcome in the New Year with your students, as you reinforce counting backwards from 10-0. I've also included a strip to countdown from 20-0.

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