108 pages. Common Core State Math Standard 1.NBT.3, K.MD.3a, K.CC.5a, K.CC.6a You will LOVE this unit because you can do so many things with these manipulatives! Students enjoy playing a variety of games from counting to addition and subtraction + sor

8 pages. A terrific way to review the concept of +1 more and counting to 10 all the while producing a lovely keepsake ornament! Includes a poem for the back.

3 pages. A darling art activity that involves the oval shape. A wonderful candy cane gift for your students that they can easily whip together after a mouse-related December story.
6 pages. A paper alternative to the popular glass/plastic keepsake ornament. By doing the paper cut outs for the hats you can have a mini-shape review to cover this report card standard!
12 pages. Quick, easy and fun bulletin board ideas for December that also make great keepsakes! Patterns, pictures and directions included!
46 pages. A fun and fair way for students to select a partner.
73 pages. Do you need some ideas to help fill in your December units? This book has a little bit of everything in it just in time for the holidays.
36 pages. Your students will enjoy making any of these 16 ornaments. Use them as creative independent centers for a fun December activity.

13 pages. A fun way to review the circle shape.

98 pages of lessons + several art activities to trim your room with excitement.
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