8 pages

After reading Dr. Seuss's book, What Was I Scared Of?  (Also found in The Sneetches) discuss what kinds of things people are afraid of and how they can overcome their fears. 

11 pages.

You can do this as a whole group activity and jot down UP phrases as your students think of them, making one poster, or use this as an interesting activity for your Daily 5 word work and have students each make up their own. 

10 pages.

After reading Dr. Seuss's If I Ran The Circus, have students transition to either of these interesting writing prompts.  One is a class book.  Choose which writing prompt you want your students to do.  They complete their page and illustrate it.  Collect and collate the pages.  Read your class book aloud by having each student share the page that they wrote.

5 pages.

This is a take off of Dr. Seuss's book On Beyond Zebra, which is about all of the letters that come after Z. In the beginning of the story, Cornelius is bragging that he knows all of the letters from A to Z.  He's shocked to find out that there are more!

7 pages.

After reading Dr. Seuss's ABC book, create a silly, creature-filled alphabet book of your own.  Print and trim the mini letter tiles.  Toss them into a Seuss hat.  Students choose one, glue it to their page and think of a creature that starts with that letter. 

3 pages.

This craftivity provides great fine motor-cutting skill practice.  The packet includes a traceable template with answers, as well as a "bristle box" where students write their own thoughts of how they take care of their teeth

3 pages.

Practice cutting skills; review circles, triangles and dental hygiene all at the same time, with this writing prompt craftivity.

6 pages.

Flip For Facts File Folders are a great precursor to writing a report.  Students find factual information and put it into their own words.  Includes a sample you can share with your students, as well as tips and links for how to do Online citations.

16 pages.

A file folder flip for facts activity, is a nice introduction to doing research, finding facts and putting them in your own words. It's a great precursor to doing a report and is simple enough for kinders to do.

18 pages.

There are a variety of writing activities in this packet with an Olympic theme. 

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