Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Word Family Games


40 pages.

Practice reading word family words in a super-fun way, with these Cat in the Hat Word Family Games.  The packet includes 39 word families.

Simply choose the word families that your students are working on.  Print the template page twice; once on red construction paper, the other on white.  This way, after cutting the strips apart, you will be able to make two word family hats with an ABAB color pattern.

Laminate and trim one set, to use for an independent center, partner game, or whole group activity.  Students "stack their hat" puzzle piece "stripes" in alphabetical order on top of the "I can read these ____ word family words!" hat brim.

Glue the other set on a sheet of turquoise construction paper and put up as a display by your word wall, or a separate Cat in the Hat Word Family bulletin board.

To practice the word wall hat display, toss the word family mini cards into a Cat in the Hat hat, or other container.   Children pick one.  Whatever word family they get, is the one that they will read on the display.  Make it more fun by turning off the lights.  Children can point to each word stripe with a flashlight, as they read the words in the dark.

The mini cards can also be used to tell students what word family they will use to complete their hat stack word family worksheet.  Children write the words on a sheet of scratch paper, then write them in alphabetical order on their hat.  Afterwards, they color the stripes with a red crayon, so that the hat shows the Seuss ABAB striped pattern.

You can also partner students up and give them both the same word family puzzle.  They compete against each other to see who can alphabetize and put their hat stack together first.  They could also partner up with a person who has a different puzzle and take turns reading their puzzle to each other.  Afterwards, they can mix up the pieces and then swap.

cover stackin up word familiesYou could also use the worksheet as a spelling quiz for whatever word family you're working on.  Say the word, then children write it on their worksheet. 

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