Personal Pumpkin Patch Craft


10 pages.

Help students learn to read and write family words with this quick and easy pumpkin patch craft.  Students assemble their pumpkin and write the names and relationships of the members of their family that live with them on the back of their pumpkin.

The packet includes 13 family word cards to use in a pocket chart, on the board as a word bank or for flashcards.  There's also a note home to find out this information from parents, plus a tally time worksheet to review tally marks and see how many brothers, sisters and pets your students have. 

I've also included several worksheets to practice writing and alphabetizing the family words.

There are teachable moments for adding an apostrophe to children's names to show the possessive form, as well as opportunities to reinforce plurals.

Completed projects look cute suspended from the ceiling.

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