"Bee-utiful" Year Packet


 8 pages.

Your current students make a bee out of a toilet paper tube, yellow construction paper (body), black electrical tape (stripes), cupcake liners (wings) and a pipe cleaner (antennae).  They complete the writing prompt: "I'm wishing you a 'bee-utiful' year in __________. (Fill in grade) Here's the buzz about what you'll learn and do"  and then roll it up and insert it into their bumblebee.  These will make a sweet surprise left inside your new students' desks for them to read on their first day of school.

 Students can also choose to make 1 of 2 bookmark writing prompt-options: "My favorite things about 'bee-ing' a first grader": (Fill in grade) or "You'll have a great year 'bee-cause'..."  The bookmark can also be rolled up and inserted.

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