Apple Color Game Puzzles


2 pages.

2 different apple games that reinforce life skills, counting, and number identification.

Game 1: Run off the template, children choose a partner and take turns rolling the dice.  Whatever number they roll is the numbered section on their apple that they color. 

Game 2: You can also make a class set of games to re-use each year. Run off the apples on red, green and yellow construction paper, laminate, trim and keep each puzzle in its own Snack Baggie.  Make a white construction paper template out of construction paper as well. Students roll the dice, and whatever number they roll is the puzzle piece that they put on the template.  The first one to complete their apple is the winner.

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Click on the link to see the new, 32-page "Puzzling Apples: Games & Treats",which now includes 5 more puzzles, puzzles for numbers 1-12, plus templates to make treat bags for an inexpensive, back to school treat.

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