Y's Guys Packet


10 pages.
Common Core State Standards:RF.K.1b, RF.K.3a
Y's Guys is an easy reader, that helps students understand the different sounds that the letter Y makes.

Students read the simple sentences, trace and write the letters, and then answer the writing prompt questions by filling in their answer.

cov ys guysThe packet includes:

  • The Y's Guys easy reader
  • A Y's Guys "craftivity"
  • A Y's Guys word game and
  • 73 word cards to glue under the appropriate Y's Guy after playing the game.

The "craftivity" or booklet, both make great Daily 5 word work activities. Completed Y's Guys with their googly eyes, make a cute bulletin board too.

This packet will be FREE for an entire year, after which time it will be totally revamped.  Click on the link to see the jumbo 58-page Ys Guys & Spies packet in my TpT shop.  For your convenience, I've included a PREVIEW here.



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