Alphabet Pumpkins


16 pages.  Common Core State Standard RI.K1d
Use these pumpkin cards in a variety of ways.
Includes upper and lowercase letters too + a blank set to program with whatever.

  • Put up a simple brown tree in the hallway.  You can purchase one from a teacher supply store, paint one with brown tempera on bulletin board paper, or crinkle up brown tissue paper, or brown paper bags and make a 3D one.  Hang your apple alphabet on the tree. You can change it each month with all of the other monthly alphabets that I have available. Use it as a teachable moment when your students are waiting in line for the bathroom, getting ready for recess etc.  You can take a letter away each day and have students guess which one it is.
  • Make extra sets and have students sequence the cards.
  • Play Memory Match Concentration games with the cards.
  • Match uppercase letters to lowercase letters.
  • Play I Have; Who Has? with the cards.  "I have A who has B?" or I have uppercase A. Who has lowercase a?"
  • Hide one under a question mark and have children guess what is the mystery letter of the day.
  • Have children play "Speed" games against a partner, and see who can put their set in alphabetical order the quickest, or identify all of the letters in the alphabet the fastest, or match upper to lowercase letters the quickest.
  • Children play a form of "Go Fish" by playing "Go Alphabet!" and match upper to lowercase letters.
  • Have children spell their names and words with the cards.
  • Sprinkle them on the floor and have students find them and then put them in order.
  • Sprinkle two sets and divide the class into 2 teams and see who can put their set in order the quickest.
  • Put them in a basket and have students pick one out and say what their letter is, the sound it makes and a word that starts with that letter.
  • Use them as a seasonal border in your room.
  • Use them for your calendar time.
  • Use them in your letter of the week.
  • Use them to spell your B-I-N-G-O songs.
  • Use them as flashcards.
  • Glue them to Popsicle sticks and have students hold them up when you sing the ABC song or read alphabet stories.
  • Give strugglers their own set to take home and practice.
  • Include in a sub folder.
  • Run off copies so students can make their own Itty Bitty alphabet book.
  • Put a different one on everybody's locker.
  • Use as a border just under the ceiling in the hallway.
  • Make a double set, glue-back-to-back and suspend from the ceiling.
  • Use the blank set for nametags, labels, numbers, shapes, equations, spelling words, etc.


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