123 Count Shamrocks With Me


25 pages.

Common Core State Standards: K.CC.4a, K.CC.4b,K.CC.4c, K.CC.3, K.CC.5, K.CC.7, RF.K.1a, RF.K.1c, RF.K.3c.

Practice a variety of skills and standards with this cute 10 frame booklet.Students read, trace and write the number and number word. 

  1. They see a shamrock in a sentence and say it. 
  2. They spy the number in a sequence and circle it.
  3. They X-out that many boxes or use a bingo dot marker or stamp inside the 10 Frame.
  4. They cut and glue the set/group of shamrocks to the matching numbered box. 
  • It only takes one time for students to need assistance and then they can work independently on their books. 
  • Do one a week or month, depending on your themes or the needs of your students. 
  • They are great for Daily 5, something to do when they have finished their work,
  • something to send home to do with parents,
  • great for a sub folder or to send home with struggling students.


  • 1 graphing extension
  • 39-word wall word/number flashcards
  • Covers for the flashcards to make Itty Bitty Books
  • A "Plus one more" math skill sheet &
  • A certificate of praise.


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