Windows Of Good Behavior


28 pages.
A successful behavior modification idea that's easy for you to implement and fun for the student!

I dreamed up this idea because it's easy for me and lots of fun for those students who have no attention span and need something "different" for their hyperactivity or other behavior that disrupts the class and keeps them off task. 

The "mysterious" element, as well as the neccessity to "add" to their puzzle or happy gram, intrigues a child and motivates them to want to earn more opportnities to open windows.

I've included:

  • 4 different treasure chest puzzles,
  •  a list of non-treasure box type ideas,
  • 11 happy gram sticker grids,
  • a daily chek list-happy gram note for you to send home to communicate with parents,
  • headers for your file folder,
  •  2 pages of bookmarks,
  • a page of 3 different kinds of slap bracelets to build self-esteem,
  • a page of mystery-button badges,
  • 4-window templates + a blank one for you to make your own. 

Additional Info

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