5 pages. Glyphs are a great way to whole group assess listening and following directions. Completed projects make great bulletin boards and hallway displays.
7 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.3 Study analog and digital time with these election-themed games.
40 pages. Plug in some math activities as you study the election! This packet has a nice variety of counting,skip counting, addition, subtraction, greater and less than, and even some online research activities directly related to the current election.
2 pages. You may not have to have them in every state, but a voter registration card,is a fun activity for students to make before they can vote in your mock election. Send them back to their desk if they forget to show you their card before they enter
8 pages. 8 different designs of election badges to run off and give to your students to wear as badges, use as a center for a patterned necklace, or glue to a paper strip to make a headband crown.
4 pages. These are for the person who is simply looking for an election ballot so their students can vote for President and Vice President. There are 3 kinds.
7 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K1a, RF.K1c, RF.K3c, L.K2a, L.K2b Students read the simple sentences made up of 14 Dolch words and trace key words, as well as fill in the blanks with their opinions.
14 pages. Although there are Venn diagrams included in this packet for the 2012 election, there are also plenty of blank and neutral Venn diagrams,(14 total), so this packet will be able to be used for future elections.
39 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K1a, RF.K.1c, L.K2a, L.K2b All of these writing prompts have an election theme and are perfect for your November writing activities. Once completed, they make wonderful November bulletin boards and hallwa
57 pages. This packet has a variety of lessons and activities with an election theme. Use as independent centers, a whole group "craftivity" or a table top booklet for your morning routine.
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