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6 pages.

Review shapes on Earth Day with this sweet owl.  Packet includes the patterns to make the owl poster and a writing prompt to glue to the back, plus color or black and white Give a hoot owl bookmarks.

3 pages.

A little something to help your students celebrate Earth Day.

11 pages.

This packet includes colorful alphabet cards, a matching anchor chart alphabet poster an alphabet bookmark, plus a tip list of lots of things you can do with the cards, including games like Kaboom.

4 pages.

Three posters with the most popular vowel digraphs that fit the "When two vowels go walking..." rule.  Use them as anchor charts, or print the posters off for your students and have them write examples of words that they find that apply to this rule.  These vowel posters are a special FREEBIE in my TpT shop.  Click on the link to pop on over to grab them today.

29 pages.

If you teach the rule, "When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking." you'll enjoy these "craftivities." This packet will be FREE for an entire year.  After which time it will be revamped & become part of my 137-page jumbo "Vowel Villains & When 2 Vowels Go Walking Packet" in my TpT shop. 

2 pages.

Something just for fun.  Poster + matching bookmark.

2 pages.

Help reinforce coin identification with this quick, easy and fun dice game. Students choose a partner and take turns rolling the dice. If they roll a one they color the penny; if they roll a two they color the second coin (the nickel) and so on.  However, if they roll a six they lose their turn.  The first one to color all of the coins on their bookmark is the winner.  This is also a nice opportunity to review ordinal numbers as well.

11 pages.

Review digital and analog time to the hour and half hour with this Olympic-themed telling time packet.   Print off the clock faces and the digital time rectangles on glossy white photo paper.  Trim and glue to the Time For The Olympics master.  You've now created a dry erase board!

11 pages.

Here are 10 Valentine bookmarks that you can use as incentives.  Challenge your students to try and collect all 10 bookmarks throughout valentine's week for finishing various tasks, or use them as prizes on party day.

5 pages.

Bookmarks are a sweet incentive to motivate your students, or simply tuck one in their desk or backpack as a little surprise.  Includes a page of ways to say "Happy New Year" in Chinese, with links to helpful pronunciation sites.

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