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1-2-3 Come Do Some Elf Craftivities With Me

The Elf on a Shelf book is so popular, that it’s found it’s way into the classroom, as a super-cute classroom management tool.  

Even if your kiddos don’t believe in Santa anymore, it’s still fun to have a mischievous elf “spying” on them.

An elf provides loads of writing prompt ideas. Use him to launch creative writing prompts"Write a note to the elf today about..." plus the "elf antics" you can do to add a bit of "elf fun" to December are endless.

You can also use him to practice spatial directions ("Where's the elf?" on, in, over, under, beside...

elf on a shelf activities, elf activities, elf crafts, christmas craftsIf you don’t have an elf, you can make this one.
He’s also a wonderful craftivity that your kiddos will enjoy making too.

I purchased some heavy-duty, Christmas-print bags, from Hobby Lobby.  The Dollar Store and other craft supply stores like Michaels, also have a nice selection.  

elf on a shelf activities, elf activities, classroom management ideas, elf crafts, christmas craftsBecause we recycle paper in our school, I had a supply that children could crunch up to stuff their elf with.  

Crunching, snipping, accordion-folding paper, are super-fun fine motor practice for your kiddos, that will help strengthen finger muscles.

If you don’t have access to recycled paper, ask for some newspaper donations from parents.

When the belly is stuffed, fold over the top and staple.  The bag sits nicely.
Children will glue their head to the top of the bag and the legs underneath.
You can also staple the body parts, to make sure they stay on.

Run the patterns off on construction paper and rough cut. Children color the face, trim and glue to their bag.   I had my children color an ABAB pattern on the arms and legs, but these also look good as solid strips of red and green.

For a splash of pizzazz, I pulled cotton balls, then glued the “fluff” to the hat brim, as well as the cuffs of the mittens and shoes. Pom poms and a bit of glitter, also add those finishing touches.

elf on a shelf activities, elf activities, classroom management ideas, elf crafts, christmas craftsIf you have room for a class set of elves to sit, I’ve included a behavior management “Tally Time” tummy label, students can glue to the belly of their elf. 

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elf on a shelf activities, elf activities, classroom management ideas, elf crafts, christmas craftsWell that's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by.  I sure could use some "elf help" for all I'd like to get done today! 

First up though is to sort through my TpT wish list.  I have way too much clip art listed to buy it all.  Wishing you a holly jolly day. 

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping." -Bo Derek

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