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1-2-3 Come Make a Gingerbag House With Me

Do you do some gingerbread activities during December? Are you contemplating making a gingerbread house?

gingerbread crafts, gingerbread house, christmas craftsIf so, I think you and your kiddos will really enjoy making a "gingerbag".

It's a non-messy, quick, easy & fun craftivity, as an alternative to the gooey graham cracker creations, that often fall apart.

There are 8 pages of candy, cakes and ice-cream trimmings, chimneys, doors, and windows, that your kiddos can choose to decorate their paper bag gingerbread house with.

gingerbread crafts, gingerbread house, christmas craftsFace the bag towards you so that the bottom of the bag is at the top, and looks like a flap. This is the perfect place to glue the “candy roof” and chimney.

Students cut out whatever pieces they want to glue to the front of their house.

They arrange the pieces ‘til they are satisfied with the look, and then glue them down.

Children then color the trimmings with crayons or markers.

White puffy paint, glitter glue, and stickers can all add pizzazz to the houses.

gingerbread crafts, gingerbread house, christmas craftsFor that finishing touch, glue a child’s photo in one of the windows.

You can also spritz them with a bit of cinnamon fragrance.

For writing practice, I've included 2 worksheets, where students describe their gingerbread house.

gingerbread crafts, gingerbread house, christmas craftsCompleted gingerbags make a cute bulletin board too.
Caption: “Mr(s.) _____________’s kindergartners are wishing you a sweet and cozy Christmas.” OR…. “From our house to yours, we’re wishing you a yummy New Year.”  

Click on the link to zip on over to my TpT shop to take a look: Gingerbag Craftivity.

gingerbread crafts, gingerbread house, christmas crafts, gingerbread parts of speech postersThe featured FREEBIE today, also has a gingerbread theme. 

They are a set of gingerbread-themed parts of speech posters. I hope you find them useful.

gingerbread crafts, gingerbread house, christmas craftsWell that's it for today.  Thanks for stopping by.  I'm thrilled to be having the entire family over for dinner and games today. 

That's 21 people!  Woo hoo.  Gotta' get going on the yummies.   Wishing you a love and fun-filled day.

"Good painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained." -Maurice de Vlaminck

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