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My 99 Year Old Granny

Because I always planned a zillion things for 100 Day, there just never seemed to be enough time for everything I wanted to fit in, so I decided to put a few fun things in the day before, to help build excitement.  One of them was my 99-year-old granny.

I asked my Y5’s “What number comes before 100?” Some of them actually guessed correctly.  I told them that my granny was 99 and asked them if they wanted her to come in and read a 100-Day story, the vote was always unanimous!

100 day ideas, 100 day activities, 100 day centers, 100 day bulletin boards, 100 day bulletin board ideas, 100 day class book, 100 day writing prompts, what will I look like 100 years from nowGranny is really me, dressed up in a white wig and little old lady mask.  One year a room helper heard my conversation with the children and thought it was just wonderful that granny was coming.  I didn’t know I sounded that convincing; too funny!

You too can easily have a granny or gramps come visit.  Simply plan ahead in October when masks and wigs go on sale at huge discounted prices after Halloween. 

A trip to the Goodwill for an old-fashioned dress and hat + my grandmother's cameo complete the look.

I tell my little ones that I have to go pick up granny at the home, so I’ll be gone during lunch time and a room helper will pick them up after recess and bring them to our classroom.

This gives me time to change into my costume and sit in my rocking chair.  I also tell them that granny is 99 and very very old.

We discuss how old people look.  So they are not scared, I tell them that some people have hurt granny’s feelings by telling her that she is so old and wrinkled that she looks like a witch and that made her cry.

We discuss that that was really mean and they would never do something like that.

This fends off any fears or comments they might have when they walk through the door and see this rather creepy creature sitting in my chair.

You can always hear a pin drop when they walk in and see me.  I greet them in my old-lady voice and bid them come in with my shaky hand.

I tell them that my granddaughter, Mrs. H, will soon be back, as she had to go park the car.

“Would you like granny to read you a story?” They are wide-eyed with wonder.  A few ask if it’s me, but even the doubters are happy to play along.

After the story, I ask if I can use the bathroom in their classroom. It takes a minute to take off my “stuff.”

When I come out as me, they are all talking at once, and can’t wait to tell me that granny was there and read them a story!  This truly cracks me up, as even the doubters can’t wait to tell me all about it, not once wondering how Mrs. H. got in the bathroom!

A few ask me if I was really granny.  I ask them what they think, but never really answer their question.  They all want granny to come again, but now it’s time to transition to the next activity…

100 day ideas, 100 day activities, 100 day writing prompts, how will I look when I am 100, 100 day art project, 100 Day bulletin boards, 100 day class book, 100 day ideas, 100 day activities, 100 day writing prompts, what I'll look like when I'm 100, 100 day class book, 100 day bulletin boards, 100 day bulletin board ideas, 100 day art project, 100 day centers, I have a tool my students have fondly nick named Mr. Cruncher Muncher.

You put a piece of paper in, they turn the crank and it comes out looking like corrugated cardboard.

I LOVE the results and the students really enjoy putting their finished cut outs in Mr. Cruncher Muncher’s “mouth".

It’s a super fine motor skill, so I use it at least once a month.  We discuss how their faces will change when they are old like granny, discussing glasses, wrinkles, white or gray hair, age spots etc.

They return to their seats and cut out a large oval face, drawing what they think they will look like when they are 100.

100 day ideas, 100 day activities, 100 day centers, 100 day writing prompts, 100 day class book, 100 day bulletin boards, 100 day bulletin board ideas, 100 day art project, how will I look when I'm 100Then they run their oval face through Mr. Cruncher Muncher to really add some 3- D wrinkles! Using scraps of white and gray construction paper they add hair. This too can be run through the rollers for more awesome effects.

Girls can fold large round white paper doilies in half and glue them to the back of their "grannies" for a nice old-fashioned collar.  For an antique look, dab the edges with a damp tea bag til they have a brown tone.

For an adorable 100 Day class book, give students a color choice of background paper. Have them glue their picture on and then collate their portraits in _________________’s 2107 Class Reunion Book, when 5-year-old students will be 100-years-old! This also makes an awesome 100 Day bulletin board. 

Click on the link if you'd like to print the article and pix. 100-Day Granny

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"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but notheing can be changed, until it is faced." -James Baldwin


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