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Graphic Organizers

30 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K3c, RF.K.2a, RL.1.2, RL.1.3, RL.K.1, RL.K.2, RL.K.3, RL.K.6, RL.K.9, RL.K.10, L.K.1d, RI.K.5, RI.K.6, RI.K.9, RI.K.10, 1.MD.4 This packet has all sorts of interesting and fun activities.

1 page. Use this graphic organizer for a fun New Year's writing prompt.

44 pages. Common Core State Standards: RL.K.2, RL.K.4, RL.K.9, RI.K.9, RL.1.2, RL.1.5, RL.1.9, L.1.4, L.K.1d You can cover these Common Core State Standards in a fun and easy way with these helpful graphic organizers.
37 pages. An excellent collection of 3 and 4-column graphic organizers, for every season and a variety of themes.
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