17 pages. A booklet that's easy to read with many Dolch words. Children use picture clues to help them and enjoy cutting and gluing the matching pictures to help explain why December is such a great month.

19 pages 3 class books to make during the month of December. Includes 5 graphing extensions so you can incorporate math skills.

13 pages. An easy reader that reviews color and number words. Children read the sentence and practice writing the number and number word. They draw that many lights and color them the appropriate color.

13 pages. Students will enjoy cutting and gluing the matching pictures to their booklet as they help Santa get ready for his big night.

8 pages. A fun gift for your students to make, or a quick and easy treat for you to whip together to give to an entire class!

11 pages. A fun way to review some basic shapes as well as the 3-D cylinder shape. Santa's hand print beard makes this an adorable keepsake!

8 pages. A terrific way to review the concept of +1 more and counting to 10 all the while producing a lovely keepsake ornament! Includes a poem for the back.

1 page The Reindeer Pokey. A cute song to go with the reindeer lunch bag puppet.
4 pages. A wonderful keepsake art project that makes a great manipulative to whole group assess spatial directions, and body part identification. Terrific for interactive play during a reading of many December stories featuring reindeer characters!
3 pages. A darling art activity that involves the oval shape. A wonderful candy cane gift for your students that they can easily whip together after a mouse-related December story.
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