Word Families

90 pages! Common Core State Standards: K.MD.3, K.G.2, RF.K1a,RF.K.1d, RF.K1c, RF.K3a, RF.K3c, L.K1a, L.1.1a Outstanding way to help your students match letters and pictures to words and their sounds.

10 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K2a, RF.K2c, RF.K2e A fun way to review -ick and -eat words! Students make this "craftivity" and pull the letter sliders through the treat bag windows, to reveal humorous new ways to say "Trick or treat!"

6 pages. Your students will have fun making "magic wands" out of 5 Popsicle sticks by simply putting a consonant on the front and back of each tip. Words will "pop" out as they place the point in front of the words on their paper.

9 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.2d A fun way to review the At family of words. Students cut out and color their Seuss hat, trace the words,and insert their slider. Also includes several At Family worksheets + 10 At Family traceable word car

93 pages. The TouCan will help make your students Can-Do Word Wizard Kids! Be sure and download TWM 1041 The matching Word Wands that compliment this packet.

31 pages. Students will soar to new reading heights with this fun easy reader booklet, chock full of extensions and additional activities.

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