13 pages. A wonderful way to get to know your new students and interesting ice breaker, especially for September. These make an adorable bulletin board too! A great activity after you read the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

19 pages. Common Core State Standards: 1.MD.4, 1.MD.3 A great way to learn about your students and terrific ice-breaker especially for September. These make an adorable bulletin board or hallway wall decoration!

2 pages. A nice keepsake for a graduating kindergartner or parent.

12 pages. An interesting and fun way for students to review colors and adjectives and how they relate to, and describe feelings.

9 pages. Create a special class book staring all of your brilliant students! A fun way to write and do/feature "Star Student" at the same time. Compile all of the pages and you have a wonderful class book!
16 pages. Make a class Yellow Pages as a great social studies extension when studying "Goods & Services" with your students. A terrific way to help students learn their phone numbers too!
15 pages. A great way to reinforce the idea of students liking school!
82 pages. A Monthly Newsletter Packet chock full of a little bit of everything that might go on during that month.

6 pages. This is an easy and fun way to learn more about your students. Send the note and supplies home the first day of school, or include in your Open House Packet and have students bring their completed bags the first day.

9 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.3c This easy reader incorporates 10 kindergarten sight words.
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