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I found this idea in various print forms on a variety of sites, so I'm not sure where the original idea came from.  However, instead of making an 8x10 print to frame, I thought it would be perfect to design some cards, bookmarks and magnets, which children could make in school for various holidays: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Grandparent's Day. 

Students trim and glue the print to a sheet of construction paper to make a card.  Turn it into a writing prompt and have children write why they love that person. The bookmark works the same way.  I wrote up a sample that you can share with your students, to give them an idea of what you're looking for. 

The magnets come in several sizes, including mini ones (20 on a page) that you can print, laminate and trim as a little gift for your students on Valentine's Day. They could also tuck one into their card. To make this even more of a keepsake, have students glue their school photo inside the heart.

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