A Memory Book For The Teacher


 33 pages.

If you're a teacher and would cherish one of these, simply show the idea to a fellow teacher.  If they like it too, you can swap students for 15-20 minutes.  You make one for her, with her students, and she makes one for you, with your kiddos.

If you help in the classroom, this is a wonderful activity to send home with the kids as a surprise for the teacher.  To make this do-able, I've included a note home to parents.

There are 15 clip art options for student pages, which provide a nice variety.  I've also included color copies for the 1st three pages, as well as black and white templates.

I used a notebook and glued the pages in, but you could also mount them on construction paper, laminate, trim and collate into a sweet keepsake.

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