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Spin a Web is a fun way for your students to practice math skills.  Children choose a partner and take turns rolling a dice.  Whatever number they roll, they color in that many sections of their spider web.

I made the webs small, so it wouldn't be so time consuming or exhausting for really little ones to fill in.   Encourage your kiddo's to use lots of colors.  Older students use 2 dice and add them together.  I've included a web worksheet for them to record equations on.  There's also a prediction and solution sheet, where children guess and then figure out, how many separate sections are in the web.

spiderweb dice game covThis game will be FREE for an entire year! Woo hoo.

After which time, it will be up-dated and put in my TpT shop.

Click on the link to see the new, 10-page "Spiderweb Math Game".

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