What's In The Hat


10 pages.
A wonderful game for March, that will help reinforce letters, numbers and shapes, including 3-D ones.
Print off the cards, laminate, cut out and toss into a leprechaun hat. Children sing the song and pass the hat, each taking a card and revealing "What's in the hat!"

If you don't have a hat, print off my template on green construction paper and glue to a lunch bag. You could also play this game with a Dr. Seuss hat and use these cards, or the Cat in the Hat cards.

When you're done with the game, have students transition to another activity by singing a color song to the same Muffin Man tune: "Oh who is wearing green today, green today, green today? Oh who is wearing green today, please go away!" Children wearing that color, get up and go to the next activity.  Continue to sing a color 'til all students have transitioned.


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