ABCDetective Classroom Scavenger Hunt


28 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d
A great ice breaker for the first day of school and a fun way to find where things are located.  Teachers are freed up to do other tasks, while students are occupied in an easy, yet educational activity.


  • Large magnifying glass template to make scampering around the room a bit more fun and "detective-like".
  • Small magnifying glass template for locating and "framing" words, letters, shapes and numbers in books, charts, papers etc.
  • Two detective badges.
  • The ABCDe-tective treasure hunt list complete with picture icons.
  • 26 upper and lowercase alphabet cards.
  • Covers to make Itty Bitty books.
  • 38 word wall "read-around-the-room" word cards.  These can also be turned into another Itty Bitty book.
  • 38 picture cards.  Use these to play a Memory Match game, make pairs, put next to the words on the word wall, include in the Itty Bitty books.
  • 2 certificates of praise.
  • TWM_SamplePhotos


Be sure to check out the My School-Words Dictionary. It's the perfect activity for students to work on at their own pace, when they are done with the scavenger hunt, as the pictures and words match!

If you like these activities, be sure and check out the home-school connection ABCDe-tective Alphabet Word Hunt TWM 1017.

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