Easy Reader Booklet: My Counting Kites Booklet


22 pages.
Your students will enjoy learning number words with this fun cut and glue activity book just in time for spring!


  • Word cards for your word wall or send them home so that your students can work on them as a home/school connection for parents to review with their child. They make a fun Itty Bitty Booklet too.
  • 7 Skill sheets to help reinforce skip counting by 5's and 10's with blank sheets so that you can fill in numbers for 2's and 3's and regular numbers to count as high as you wish. 
  • Use these empty sheets to make "What's Missing?" skill sheets where you can fill in a few numbers or letters and have your students write in the rest. 
  • You could also laminate them, cut out the circles and make them into sequencing and Memory match games.
  • My Y5's get stuck on what comes after 11, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59 etc. so I've developed monthly skill sheets around those "toughies". 
  • I find that simply repeating things in a themed way each month makes things fun and gets them over the "hump".
  • There's also a skill sheet on addition and subtraction and
  • matching numbers to groups and sets. 
  • I use these extra activities for students who complete the booklet early, for whole group "speed games" and for "mad-minute" exercises to get my students used to timed tests in future grades. 
  • They are also great for home-school connections or to tuck in your sub. folder. 
  • For an art activity have your students cut out the diamond shaped kite on their choice of colored construction paper and glue 10 bow-tie construction paper cut outs to a piece of yarn.
  • Have them number them as an extra math/writing extension!
  • Also includes a graphing activity and
  • an ABCDe-tective site word certificate of praise.  These are a nice check list of my word wall words as well as an incentive and self-esteem builder.

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