Free Elkonin Word Box Templates


20 pages. 50 word templates + 3, 4 and 5 letter box blank templates for you to use in a variety of ways. Common Core State Standard: RF.K2b

Elkonin box Packet 2 includes an additional 19 words with matching picture clues.  For more information visit the Elkonin Box Blog Article. Click on the purple links to check them out.
For More ideas of what else you can do with Elkonin boxes click on the link.

  • Elkonin boxes can be used to teach phonemic awareness by having students listen for individual sounds and marking where they hear them in the boxes.
  • They are a visual representation that help students count, pronounce, blend and segment syllables in spoken words.
  • Each box in an Elkonin box card represents one phoneme, or sound. 
  • Elkonin boxes are a physical segmentation of words into phonemes.
  •  I make my boxes a bit longer when a digraph or blend is involved because it fixes the spelling in a child’s mind.
  • There are many activities that teachers can do with Elkonin boxes, but the main activity teachers usually use them for is to 'stretch' out words, identify similar or different sounds and then guess at spelling.
  •  I’ve made an alphabetical list of some of the more popular words for kindergarten and first grade.
  • You can use them as skill sheets or run them off and laminate them and use them as a center activity, or flashcards.
  • Students can use counters, chips, or unifix cubes to mark the boxes or run the masters off on copy paper and have students use a bingo dot marker or write in the letters.
  • There's also a writing master where students are given a word to break down and then use that word in a sentence.


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