Dolch Word Help Book


53 pages.  Common Core State Standards: RF.K.3c, RF.1.3c
This book has it all!
A Dolch word list from pre-primer through 3rd grade, their flashcards and more.

  • Also includes a list of the nouns,
  • their word flashcards
  • as well as 54 of their picture flashcards.
  • There's a tip list of things you can do with the flashcards like make individual bitty books.
  • The cards are done in a dot font so your students can TRACE the words to help them in their writing as well as spelling and word recognition skills.
  • You can also play all sorts of games with these cards.
  • Theres a short fairy tale that includes all of the 220 Dolch words from all 5 lists!
  • If you'd like to tie it all together with another fun read-aloud check out my alphabet book from Awake To Zleep which also includes the Dolch word list. It's one of my students favorites and a real tongue twister.
  • Click on the link to zoom there. BOOKLET
  • And if you like teaching with flashcards you have to check out Alpha-bits!
  • And Numbits!
  • Make Itty Bitty Books with the flashcards. Start with the individual letter cards and make Itty Bitty Alpha-bit and Numbit Books, then move on to making Sentence Itty Bitty Books. Your students will LOVE making and collecting them! What a fun way to "turn on that light bulb" and build self-esteem bit-by-bit!

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