A Peek Into My Other Classrooms Of Yester-Year


These are some pictures from my other Y5, 1st grade and 8th grade classrooms.. Hopefully they will give you some ideas too. You can print or save this file.  Do NOT click add to shopping cart.  This is a FREE file.

Although we all HATE moving, or worse yet having to do that AND getting bumped to a different grade when we didn't request it; I really enjoy decorating my classroom and find it fun and exciting. I must say each room and grade has its challenges, like stuffing 33 student desks in a room that was really only made for 30 which was a real problem in my 8th grade room.

It's also very different designing and decorating for a Y5 room than it is for an 8th grade room obviously, but there's a big difference with a 1st grade room too, not as many centers, desks instead of tables, no need to make room for a lot of movement etc.

Teachers and friends enjoy visiting my room since things turn out pretty well, and I've been teased to make that a side business! Right. Like I have any time for that.  So in hopes that you can get some ideas for your own rooms, I thought I'd share some
Pix of the PAST.

  • The 1st set is of my other Y5 classroom in another building. The ceilings were lower and the room not as large. Here the room and I are all decked out to celebrate Cat In The Hat and Clifford Days!
  • The next set is my 8th grade classroom. VERY different looking than lower el wouldn't ya say?
  • The last set is my 1st grade classroom with my Garden of Readin' Wall

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down my memory lane.  And... if you have some fun decorating tidbits or pix to share with us. PLEASE do!

We'd love to hear from you!

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