Monthly Number Letter and Shape Hides


65 pages. 
A wonderful quick and easy addition to your calendar activities.

Delight your students with these "Can you guess" mysteries!
An instant mini review of Number, Shape and Letter of the Day!

Here's how it works: 

The monthly themed shape has a question mark on it. i.e. an apple for September.
Above it, it says: Letter.Flip it up and it reveals the upper and lowercase letter for the day.
There is one for the number of the day as well. There are also 4 apples. One has a circle on it, another a rectangle, the 3rd a triangle, and the 4th one a square.
A cute little worm is hiding under one of the apples.
A quiet child is called on to guess which shape "Wormy" is hiding under.

What a fun way to review these concepts each day by solving the mystery!

For October the seasonal shape changes to a pumpkin; for November it's an acorn etc.


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