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1 page. With all the social media having a huge impact on children, a direct affect on students' actions, with often detrimental results, simply because they haven't really thought of the consequences of "gossiping", this is an excellent reminder to enco

7 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF:K1d and L.1.1a Help students learn their upper and lowercase letters along with a word that is associated with that letter by this cute ABC easy reader booklet.

3 pages. 2 anchor charts that are a pleasant way to remind your students to be quiet. Includes a Zip Your Lips song to the tune of This Is The Way We...

17 pages. Get organized and make collecting work for an absent student a breeze with this classroom management tip! 

21 pages. This packet is a nice companion to the anti-bullying packet. Teaching students to be kind is a nice activity for the beginning of the school year when you are explaining your rules and implementing student behavior programs and contracts.  This is a terrific packet to introduce the "Fill A Bucket" program if you do that in your classroom or school.

16 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d Use these alphabet apples in a variety of ways! This FREEBIE is part of my jumbo Alphabet Wheels Activity Packet.   For your convenience, I've included a preview.

9 pages. Use these cute 4-on-a-page welcome backpack signs for a variety of things. I've made them for K-5th + a blank one.

1 page. A nice anchor chart to help your students remember the 5 senses.

18 pages. A "craftivity" and game to help reinforce fact families.

17 pages. Individual Bee-autiful Bee-havior Bingo is an incentive for students to model good behavior. It's an easy and fun way to reward students every day through out the day, without having to give a tangible reward.

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