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5 pages. This is a wonderful activity to get to know your students and a terrific icebreaker for the 1st day or first week of school. It also makes an instant back to school bulletin board that showcases your new students!
17 pages. These apples are perfect for counting up to 100 Day and match the Counting Up to 100 Day Apple Themed packet.
5 pages. These apples match the ABC apples and make a nice addition to your classroom decorations.

5 pages. A fun activity to do with your students during October. Great whole-group listening and following directions assessment tool. Makes a quick and easy bulletin board.

7 pages.

What's on your mind? Is a terrific way to get to know your students + these make an easy and awesome back to school bulletin board too! Great activity for the first week of school and a nice icebreaker for students to get to know their new classmates. This is a special FREEBIE in my TpT shop.  Click on the link to grab your free copy today.

4 pages. Cute reading posters to use as gentle reminders.
2 pages. A sweet way to remind students to put their name on their paper and to continue to write right!
2 pages. Laminate and then write in your daily activities. Keep this on your white board. Check off the activities as you go, so little ones have a concept of time. I've included extra books so you can add more activities to your day, like library, ar

1 page. A nice encouraging reminder poster for your students.

3 pages. 2 anchor charts that are a pleasant way to remind your students to be quiet. Includes a Zip Your Lips song to the tune of This Is The Way We...

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Cover 2 vowels go walking

cover name writing

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