December Writing Prompts


Letter to Santa, Dear Santa, Writing a letter to SantaLetter to Santa, Dear Santa, Writing a letter to SantaWhat Should I Write About This Month?

Letter to Santa: Make it a bit more creative by adding a wrapping paper cover, a bit of curling ribbon, and a fancy tag. Have your students trace then write the sentences in an alternating red and green pattern with markers to make it a bit more fun.  Click on the link to view/print the masters. Santa Letter 

To Be Aware or not to be aware…

  • December is National Awareness month. Organizers say that obliviousness is a national epidemic. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • Their slogan is “Hey you! Come on, snap out of it!” They feel that people need to be more aware because being aware is related to decision making, prioritizing, and simply existing without bumping into the world around you. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • Do you feel you are aware? Can you carry on a decent conversation? Do you know what’s going on in the world? Are you up on current events? Do you know who your political people (congressmen, governor, mayor, senators etc.) and lawmakers are? Could you identify them if someone showed you photographs? Are you aware of your surroundings, self, what makes your friends tick? On a 1-10 scale how do you rank your awareness with 10 being great?

beerNational Drunk & Drugged Driving Month:

  • Here’s the scenario: You’re at a party. Your friend’s older brother has a few of his college buddies over. They arrive with alcohol. You’re all underage. What do you do?
  • Suppose you are of an age where you can drink, and you’re at a restaurant. One of the couples has had one too many, but still wants to drive you all home. What do you do?
  • How do you say no to drugs when the “it” crowd is passing a joint around at  “the” party of the year.

December writing promptsIt’s a TIE:

  • It’s National Tie Month. Design the winning tie. What does it look like? What’s it made of? Who’s wearing it? How much does it see for? Details please.

Read To Succeed!

  • It’s “Read A New Book” month. What new book have you read? Write a 1 paragraph review. Who would you recommend it to? On a five-star ranking what do you rate the book?

December writing promptsShine On!

  • It’s rising star month. If you could truly be anything you wanted to be, including a moving star, or rock star. What would you want to be and why?
  • Some people like reading horoscopes and feel they are true. Do you? Why or why not? What’s your sign? Tell me about how that does or doesn’t reflect you.

Let’s Here It For Safety!

  • It’s Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Tell me about a favorite toy you received as a child for Christmas. What was it, why was it your favorite, do you still have it ? Details please.
  • What is your favorite gift to give? What’s your favorite gift to get? Details-details-details.
  • Here’s the scenario: You are planning a surprise birthday party for your best friend. You’ve all chipped in to buy her a special gift. What is it? How will you give it to her/him, how is it wrapped? Do you hide it and make them find it giving them clues to find etc. Let’s hear all about it.

Hey! No fair! I Have RIGHTS!

  • It’s National Human Rights Month. Make a list of 10 rights you have as a student/kid!
  • How do you feel when someone violates your rights? Give me an example when this has happened.

December writing promptsHigh Five For Hand Washing!

  • It’s National Hand Washing Awareness month. You’re an elementary teacher and you need to make sure your students are not getting sick by passing germs around. Tell me 5 ways to make hand washing fun for little kids so they are more apt to wash those piggies!

The Pie’s Have It!

  • It’s National Pie Day December 1st. What’s your favorite pie. Why?
  • You’re in charge of the pie eating contest to raise money for your school. How are you going to pull that off? Tell me about the launch to the pies, to the winner and prizes.
  • December 1st is also “Eat A Red Apple Day.” If you could only eat one fruit for an entire year, what would it be and why? How would you add variety to that fruit to make it non-boring. i.e., I like apples so I’d have apple sauce, drink cider etc.

December Writing PromptsHome Sweet Home:

  • December 3rd is National “Roof-Over-Your-Head” Day! What’s your favorite room in the house? Why?
  • You have $10,000 to design a dream bedroom, so get started. What does it look like, what’s it filled with, what kind of furniture do you have in it, what does the window look out over etc.
Ring-a-ling-a ding-a-ling!
  • Dec. 12th is National Ding-A-Ling Day! It’s your opportunity to hand out 6 awards! What are some things that people do that make you think they are complete ding-a-lings? Does this turn you off, drive you crazy? Let’s talk!

diceJust Go For It!

  • December 20th is National Games Day. What’s your favorite game to play and why? How often do you play it? Are you good at it? Who do you play it with? This is a family game, board game, card or dice game etc. NOT a sport.
  • You’re in charge of Game Night at school. So tell me about it. How do you promote it, posters, invites, announcements? Who’s coming? What games will you play? What will the prizes be? Details please.
  • Games can also be sports! So what’s your favorite to watch or play? Same questions as number one, only this time the key game is SPORTS.
  • You’re a Game Show Host! What TV game show are you the host of? You can make up a game show or tell me about one that’s already on TV. Give us a scenario.

Ooooh this is creepy!

  • December 21st is National Flashlight Day and I’m handing you yours at the museum. I just love that movie Night In The Museum and that’s just where you’ve landed with 3 of your friends! The electricity’s gone off, the doors are locked, the displays have come alive and all you’ve got is your flashlight. Ready-set-action!

Go ahead; It’s OK!

  • I used to ask my children: “Where do you go when you whine and cry?” “To bed!” they’d answer! But not on National Whiners Day. It’s OK. Go ahead and whine all you want. In 3 paragraphs whine away about whatever you feel like whining about!

It’s Time For A Change!

  • It’s National Festival of Enormous Changes At the Last Minute Day on December 30th. What are some of the changes big or small that you’d like to make in your life for next year?
  • They say the only people who really like change are babies with a dirty diaper. Is that true for you? Do you like change or do you like to keep things the same? Why or why not?
  • How do you feel when people change their minds at the last minute? Can you go with the flow or does this drive you up the wall. Give me some examples please and explain yourself in both circumstances.

December writing promptsLucky or not so lucky?

  • The last day of December is unlucky day! Yuk! Who’d think up a day like that and then expects us to celebrate it? Some people are simply nuts with too much time on their hands. Anyway….Finish the phrase in as many ways as you want.

I feel unlucky because… then end on a positive note and flip it around with: I feel lucky because…

  • Finish these sentences in detail: The unluckiest day of my life was when…, but the luckiest day of my life was when….

December writing promptsMerry Christmas!

  • You’re planning the school’s Christmas Dance. Tell me all the details from the invitations and decorations to the DJ or band as well as the food and other festivities + who all is coming.
  • What’s your most memorable Christmas that you’ve ever had? Details please.
  • You can travel anywhere in the world with your entire family to celebrate Christmas. Where will you go and what will you do?
  • There are some fun writing prompts that make great December bulletin boards! Be sure to check them out on the main blog or click on the links: Writing A letter to Santa,  Family SnowflakesIn December I lke to...poinsettia
Whatever topics you give your students this month I hope they have a jolly holly time writing.
Write On!

For more writing prompts, click on the link.  I've made a booklet that contains some for each month on a variety of topics!
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