Writing Prompts for July

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July Writing Prompts Just In Case You're Teaching Summer School...


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Or perhaps you simply LOVE to write like I do and would like some ideas for your journal. Hope these light a spark to the fireworks of your thoughts this month.

writing promptsMonthly:

It’s Cell Phone Courtesy Month.  What do you think that means?  Do you have a cell phone?  What age do you think it’s appropriate for a young person to get a cell phone and why?

It’s National Ice Cream Month.  What’s your favorite flavor?  Why?  If you could have an ice cream named after you, what would it be called, what kind of ice cream would it be and why?

It’s National Make A Difference to Children Month.  How can young people like yourself make a difference to someone younger than they are?  Are you willing to do that?  OR… Who is making a difference in your life?



The 4th through the 10th is Freedom Week. Write about what it means to you to be free.  OR…you and some friends are hiking near the North Korean border.  You don’t think that you are anywhere near it, but suddenly you are captured by North Korean police and thrown into prison.  What do you do?  What happens?  Finish the story.

writing prompts, writing prompts for JulyIt’s Rabbit Week the 15th-21st.  Here’s the scenario.  A magician comes to town. When he says abracadabra YOU turn into a rabbit and none of your friends know it’s you.  You do, however, have the power to talk.  What’s your next move, I mean hop?  Finish the story.

The 17th-23rd is National Zoo Keeper Week.  You are able to change places with your uncle the head Zoo Keeper at the San Diego Zoo for an entire day.  The monkeys have broken out of their pen and let 4 other animals out.  They are running around the compound.  What animals have they let loose and what will you do about catching them? Finish the story.

It’s the World Lumberjack Championships the 29th-31st and you and your best friend are going to compete.  What competitions are you signed up for?  Do you win?

Single Working Women’s Week starts the 31st and runs through August 6th.  If you were a single working woman, what would you be doing and where would you be doing it?

Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days start July 3rd and run through August 15th. Do you have air conditioning in your home?  Write about how you feel when you’re really hot and uncomfortable.  OR… What’s the hottest day that you can remember.  What did you do on that day?

canadian_flag, writing prompts, writing prompts for julyDaily:

Happy Canada Day July 1st.  Find out some facts about Canada and then compare and contrast this country with America.

US Postage Stamp Day is the 1st.  If you could design a postage stamp and the post office would print it, what would be on it, and why would you choose that?

Happy “I Forgot Day.” July 2nd.  Write about one of the things you would like to forget forever and why you’d like to forget it.

Happy 4th of July.  What plans do you have to celebrate this big holiday weekend?

This is also Invisible Day.  If you were a super hero with the power to turn invisible anytime you wanted, how would you use this power?

Happy Chocolate Day July 7th.  Here’s the scenario.  You can have the ultimate chocolate party.  Tell me all the details.  The only catch is that EVERYTHING must have chocolate incorporated into it in some fashion.

teddy bear's picnic, writing prompts, writing prompts for JulyJuly 7th is also Global Forgiveness Day.  Is there anything or anyone you need to forgive?  Why?  OR Why do you think forgiveness is important? OR have you done something to someone that you wish they would forgive you for?

July 7th is also Tell The Truth Day.  Have you ever lied?  Has it gotten you into trouble?  Is there ever a time when lying is OK?

It’s Teddy Bear's Picnic Day the 10th.  Do or did you have a teddy bear when you were little?  What was your favorite lovie?  Does anything give you that kind of comfort/solace/peace now?  How?

It’s World Population Day on the 11th.  Surf the net and see if you can find out how many people live in America, now find out how many people live in the world.  Do you think that’s too many people?  Do you think our planet can sustain that many people as we continue to grow?

Embrace Your Geekness Day is the 13th.  Are you a geek?  Why or why not?

hugs, writing prompts, writing prompts for julyThe 18th is Global Hug Your Kid Day.  Who are you going to demand a hug from and why? OR are you a "huggy" type of person, meaning do you like giving and receiving hugs?  Why or why not?

The 24th is Cousins Day.  Do you have any cousins? Who are your favorites and why?

Tell An Old Joke Day is on the 24th.  So what are you waiting for?  Tell an old joke.  Why do you think it's funny? OR are you good at telling jokes?  Do you like telling jokes?  Why or why not?

The 24th is also Parents Day.  Do something nice for them and then write about what you did and their reaction. OR write about the things you like about your parents and some of the things you think your parents need to improve on.  OR...write about how you will be when you become a parent and the things you will do differently.

The 29th is Lasagna Day.  Can you make some?  Do you like it?  Well how about writing about it.  Not too exciting?  It’s also Talk in an Elevator Day.  So try this experiment and then write about the results.  Get on an elevator, and instead of facing the door and watching the numbers like everyone else, face the people, make eye contact and try to engage them in a conversation. Trust me, this will NOT be easy.  Now write about what happened and why you think it down the way it did. Were you uncomfortable or did you have fun?

That's it for July. 

Hope you have a simply sparkling time writing away!

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