An Exploration Of Seeds


1-2-3 Come Do Some Seed Activities With Me

Fall is my favorite season.  I love sweatshirt weather, hikes in the woods where trees flaunt their spectacular colors, hayrides, and sipping hot cider while shopping the bountiful harvest at a farmer's market.  

sorting seeds, fall math centers, pumpkin activities, apple activiteis, watermelon activitiesWhile munching a juicy honeycrisp apple, I thought it would be fun to have my students compare the various seeds of a few of the items on display here. Leftovers would also  provide a nutritious snack too.

sorting seeds, fall math centers, pumpkin activities, apple activiteis, watermelon activitiesThus the "Exploration of Seeds" packet was born, and mixes a bit of science with a variety of math skills: data collection & analysis, sorting, comparing & contrasting, predicting, guess-timating, counting, sequencing, greater than, less than & equal to, plus graphing.

seed activities, pumpkin activities, apple activiiesI've also included a descriptive worksheet as well as an emergent reader, so you can add a splash of language arts and reading as well.

sorting seeds, fall math centers, pumpkin activities, apple activiteis, watermelon activitiesThere are also 19 photo posters.

Scatter them around your students' investigations to make an interesting bulletin board, or use them as flashcards to check comprehension after you've done your investigation.

Students could choose one and practice using adjectives to describe the photo, or use several as writing prompts.

You can do the exploration activities as a whole group, or set things up as a center and have students work independently on their own seed worksheets.

I've included a letter home to parents asking for donations, so that you can study the seeds of a pumpkin, apple, sunflower, and watermelon, as well as kernels of corn.

If your students are like mine, they will absolutely LOVE these hands-on activities.

As a busy teacher, being able to combine science with math and language arts is a wonderful time-saving bonus.

selfie self portrait writing prompt craftToday's featured FREEBIE is a "My School Daze Selfie".    Do you have your kiddos draw a self portrait?

Why not hop on the "selfie" rage and use these cute worksheets for your kiddos to do their work on.  They're sure to become a keepsake.

seed activities, apple activities, pumpkin activities watermelon activities, selfie portraits, back to school self portraitsWell that's it for today. Thanks for stopping by. The warm breeze on this lovely September afternoon is calling my name. 

Time to take my poodle pup Chloe, for a walk and declutter my brain.  Wishing you an awesome day filled with everything you most enjoy.

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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