Penguin Activities "Waddle" Lot Of Fun!


1-2-3 Come Do Some Penguin Activities With Me

Studying penguins is one of our winter themes that my students really enjoy. With that in mind, I designed “Waddle Lot Of Fun”.

penguin-activities-penguin-word-work-penguin-writing-prompts-peguin-crafts-penguin-games-penguin-centersBecause my school does Daily 5, word work is a part of our day; so I’m always looking for quick, easy and fun ways to build vocabulary within a specific theme.

Besides word work, this penguin-packet is filled with lots of activities that will help you practice a variety of standards, while learning a bit about penguins.

Simply choose what’s appropriate for your kiddos then “Print & Go!”

penguin-activities-penguin-word-work-penguin-writing-prompts-peguin-crafts-penguin-games-penguin-centersThe packet includes:

* A super-cute“Where’s the Penguin?” Spatial direction craft & game.
* “1-2-3 Sequence Me” chick & egg ordinal numbers game.
“Oh My! Opposites” penguin picture & word game cards.

* “Label the penguin” worksheets
* “‘Waddle’ Lot Of Fun!” word work booklet
* A list of 30+ words related to penguins along with their definitions

penguin-activities-penguin-word-work-penguin-writing-prompts-peguin-crafts-penguin-games-penguin-centers* Picture cards of 15 different kinds of penguins. (Share, sort, alphabetize, pattern, play games or make an Itty Bitty booklet with them.)
* An alphabetical list of penguins with “1-2-3 ABC Me” worksheets
* Penguin Species & Penguin Vocabulary word searches

* Comparison & contrast activity with Venn diagrams
* Graphing whole group activity
* Penguins ARE, CAN, HAVE worksheet
* Alphabetize the words worksheet

* Write a caption for the penguin photo posters
* “Favorite penguin” bookmark writing prompt
* “If a baby penguin could talk, what are some of the things it might say?” writing prompt worksheet.
* “I would/would not like a penguin for a pet because…” color-me writing prompt worksheet.
* “Pp Is For Penguins And …” worksheet.

penguin-activities-penguin-word-work-penguin-writing-prompts-peguin-crafts-penguin-games-penguin-centers* 32, mini-photo cards of real penguins doing various actions (4-on-a-page for quick printing).
* I’ve also included many links, so students can see real penguins doing these things, along with several links where students can hear the penguins “braying” too.
* Matching verb word cards (waddling, tobogganing, nesting, calling etc.)

* “How many words can you make using the letters in penguin?” worksheet. (Color & BW, plus an answer key with 27 words.)
* “Words that describe penguins” color-me worksheet

penguin-activities-penguin-word-work-penguin-writing-prompts-peguin-crafts-penguin-games-penguin-centersColor word fun:
* 11, pocket chart color word cards. (Includes gray/grey spelling options).
* 6 sets of “Penguin Colors!” game cards for Memory Match and “I Have; Who Has?” games.
You can also use them for sorting, patterning, and color-word practice.

* A “My Penguin Book Of Colors” trace, write & color emergent reader booklet, with a certificate of praise, and finally . . .

cov frosty flakes fact family funA set of color & BW penguin name cards.

Today's featured FREEBIE is an "oldie but goodie" called "Frosty Flakes" and practices fact families. I hope you find it useful.

penguin activities, penguin games, penguin word work, winter Daily 5 word work, January writing prompts, penguin games, penguin word search, penguin facts Well that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by.

Two of my 8 grandchildren are coming over today, and we're making snowman cookies!

Time to put my baker's hat on. Wishing you a day as sweet as frosting.

penguin activities, penguin crafts, january writing prompts, winter word work, penguin games, penguin word findHad to pop back to share a photo of our fun morning!

"Even on a dreary and cold winter's day, grandchildren are sunshine to the soul that truly warms your heart." -DLH

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