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Writing Prompts From A Poster!

Well the creative juices were flowing last week when I diddled around with a song to teach Common Core Standards.  I didn't think I could get more fun than Old MacDonald helping out with vowels.

I putzed with the idea of making up a poster to help students do a bit of creative writing.  Kids love posters, and as the saying goes "A picture is worth a 1,000 words" so why not use one to stimulate writing those words.

I thought by making an interesting and thought-provoking poster, teachers could use it as a segway into several writing prompts their students would enjoy diving into.

Older students could write about the symbolism and what the poster means.  Teachers could explain this to lower elementary.

Even young children can think of other things in the classroom that could give advice and tell what advice they would give.

After discussion, let them choose an object and complete a sentence, like the poster, making an illustration. Have them cut and glue their contribution to a class tag board poster.

This would make a nice "Word Work" activity for Daily 5.

Older students can make their own poster, using their room or another room in their home or school as the example.

What a hoot to do the cafeteria, gym, locker room, kitchen, basement or garage!

Click on the link to view/download Wisdom From The Classroom Poster.

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"Nothing has a better effect upon children than praise." -Sir Philip Sidney

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