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Apple Games That Teach Life Skills and Standards


1-2-3 Play An Apple Game With Me

Games grab your students' attention and keep them focused, while they learn a variety of life skills and standards.  I enjoy dreaming them up, many based on old favorites with a twist, to help reinforce different concepts.

apple activities, apple games, apple math activities, apple counting, apple centers, common core applesApples were a favorite unit for September, so I wanted to whip together a quick and easy game with that theme. To make the "Spiral To The Orchard" apple game, print, laminate and trim the game board template and apple playing pieces.  I "test run" everything I do, and bless my husband's heart, he plays the games with me.  It was his idea to include a simpler version for younger kiddo's, as well as the bit more complicated set of directions, for 1st or 2nd graders.

Briefly, the simple version is played like this:  The object of the game is to get to the apple orchard in the center of the board.  Children play in groups of 3.  Each child picks a different colored apple: red, yellow or green.  Students take turns rolling a die and moving that many spaces forward.

If children land on a rotten apple, apple core, or apple with a worm, they move backwards 2 spaces.  If they land on a pretty red apple, or apple basket, they move ahead 2 spaces.   I switch things up in the more complicated version for 1st or 2nd graders, as they can change places with an opponent, or are sent back to start, along with other "pit falls" that are a bit too complicated for younger students to remember.  Older students also have to roll an exact number to get to the orchard. i.e. As students near the orchard, if there is only 1 space left, they must roll a 2 to get into the orchard and win the game.   A roll of 1 lands them on the last square, which is the entrance.  Any roll other than a 2 is too many.

apple activities, apple games, apple math activities, apple counting, apple centers, common core applesClick on the link to view/download the Apple Game.  Thanks for visiting today.  As always, feel free to PIN anything from my site.  To ensure that "pinners" return to THIS blog article, click on the green title at the top; it will turn black; now click on the "Pin it" button located at the top on the menu bar.  If you'd like to take a look at all of the terrific educational things, that I spend way too much time pinning, click on the heart button to your right.

apple activities, apple games, apple math activities, apple counting, apple centers, common core applesIf you're looking for more FALL FREEBIES, click on the link to zip on over to my teacher-friend Charity's blog, over at Classroom Freebies.  She had a wonderful link-up. To make things super-easy, she grouped the free items according to grade levels.  Enjoy and Happy September!

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