DIY Blue Jean Tote Bag


1-2-3 Make a Denim Tote Bag With Me!

I don't know about you, but I tote all kinds of things back and forth from school and I can never find a bag big or strong enough.

denim tote bag, DIY projects, bag made out of blue jeans, blue jean crafts,When I want to take my bag to the park, so I can get some fresh air while working, my pens, pencils, scissors and other supplies get lost at the bottom of the bag and I'm forever wasting time rummaging around looking for them.

There have also been many times where I'm lugging books and the strap breaks because the bag's too heavy, or the bottom seam gives out.

My solution: a sturdy denim bag, and it only cost me a dollar (!) because I bought a pair of old blue jeans at a garage sale!

This is how you can quickly and easily make one for yourself:

  • Besides garage sales, you can also find a huge assortment of inexpensive jeans at Good Will or other thrift stores.  Look for the biggest pair of jeans that you can find. The one I bought is so big (20 inches wide) that it will hold one of those large big books, that I enjoy reading to my kiddo's.
  • One with lots of pockets and a side loop to hold scissors is a real find. You can see the loop on the right of the photo.
  • Cut off the legs and save them to make the strap.
  • Turn the "pants" inside out and sew up the bottom.
  • Cut a length that is wide and long enough for a strap. Make this from the pant leg. Mine was 5 inches wide, and then I simply folded either side over (so there are no ragged edges) and then folded it in half once more to make it extra sturdy.  I sewed several straight lines of stitches up and down the strap.  You can use a fancy embroidery stitch if you want to add a bit more pizzazz.
  • Sew the strap to the inside hip portion of the jeans. I sewed it triple, and used an embroidery stich, so it was really on there good.
  • Wahla! Instant extremely sturdy tote bag!
  • So that they are handy, I carry my scissors in the loop and all of my various supplies in the pockets.
  • You can embellish with puffy paint, or hot glue appliques on. I preferred to simply leave mine plain.
  • Happy DIY-ing.

denim tote bag, DIY projects, bag made out of blue jeans, blue jean crafts,Click on the link for a copy of the directions and the photo. Blue Jean Tote Bag

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