Upper and Lowercase Letter Matching Game


1-2-3 Come Park It With Me!

If you do a unit on transportation, you'll definitely want to include "Park It!" in your lessons.

The original idea for the parking lot, came from a home-schooling mom over at "I can teach my child", who made one out of tape for her sons.  Click on the link to check out her wonderful site.

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The Dollar Store sells small cars 6 in a pack.  You can also pick them up at garage sales any where from a dime to 25 cents.

Instead of tape, I used tough-stick colored dots.  Don't get garage sale ones, because they will peel off easily. For an even more professional look, watch for all of those 40% off coupons from Hobby Lobby, JoAnne Fabrics & Michaels, to buy stickers that already have the letters written on them!

Here's How To Make Your Letter Matching Parking Lot:

  • Print off on card stock or construction paper in your choice of color. Laminate & trim.  
  • You could tape all of the parking lot cards together for one big long parking lot, or keep them separate, so several children can play with them.  
  • This hands-on game will be so popular, you’ll want to make several sets.  
  • Another thing you can do, is put all of the cars in a container and let each child pick one.  When you call out a letter, that child with the matching car, comes up and parks it.  
  • Have an upper and lowercase set of cars so students can match 1-1, upper to lowercase and lower to uppercase.  

http://www.teachwithme.com/downloads/item/3675-park-it-upper-and-lowercase-letter-matchingClick on the link to view/download the "Park It Packet." Thanks for visiting today.  Feel free to PIN anything you think others may find helpful.  My "Pin it" button is at the top.  If you'd like to see all the adorable educational items that I PIN, simply click on the "Follow me" heart on the right.

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