Pre-Primer, Kindergarten, First, Second and Third Grade Dolch Word Cards and Activities


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Activities For Dolch Words

Looking for something different to do with Dolch Words?  Look no farther!

I’ve made traceable word cards for Pre-Primer through 3rd, that you can turn into an Itty Bitty booklet.

Students enjoy tracing the words, cutting out the cards and sequencing them in alphabetical order, adding a cover and turning them into a mini booklet that’s fun to share with their families.

You can use these cards for Memory Match “Concentration” games, “I Have Who Has?” games or sprinkle them on the floor and have students find and then sequence them as a whole group.

 Students can choose a partner and play “Speed” and several other card games too.

I've also included a set of bomb cards so students can play "Kaboom" as well.  Directions for these games are in the tip sheet.

There are also worksheets where students trace and alphabetize the words as well.

These things make nice Daily 5 activities too.

Click on the links for the various Dolch Word Cards and activities: Dolch Pre-primer cards, Dolch Kindergarten cards, Dolch First Grade cards, Dolch Second Grade cards, or Dolch Third Grade cards.

If you think up some other uses, I’d enjoy hearing from you or feel free to comment here.

Thanks in advance for your time.  

Be sure and pop back tomorrow for more interesting teaching tips.

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