Dr. Seuss Day Activities: Cat In The Hat Day


Newsprint Art:

Dr. seuss activities, reading across america activities, Dr. seuss day lessons, lessons for dr. seuss day, seuss hat, cat in the hat day activities, dr. seuss activities, Combine letter recognition and counting with this simple and fun art center.  This is a great "go green" recycling project for March.

Save up old newspapers and find the pages that have mostly printed articles with hardly any pictures on them.

Tear them out and put them in a pile.  Trace and cut out 6 tag board templates of a shamrock and a Seuss hat.  (Recycle some more by using old file folders.)

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Students trace the template on their sheet of newspaper, circle all the letter S's that they can find, and count as they circle them. 

Students write a grand total somewhere in a space on the newsprint. Children highlight the entire shape with a green highlighter if they've traced a shamrock, or color alternating red stripes if they've done a Seuss hat.

When they are done, they cut out their shape and glue it to a piece of construction paper. For a great math extension,  graph results and add up the total number of S's everyone found.

These make sharp looking boarders for a b. board. Click on the link to view/download Newsprint Dr. Seuss Hat and Shamrock

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