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First Aid For the Alphabet!

 Are some of your students still struggling with a few of their letters?

Is identifying body parts a problem for some of your little ones too?  It’s a Y5 report card standard that some struggle with.

alphabet booklet, band-aide booklet, band-aide alphabet, animal alphabet, animal alphabet cards, alphabet cards, alphabet activities, Boo-Boo Alphabet to the rescue!

This is a fun ABC booklet that I made out of Band-Aids!

Students trace the various words that start with that letter of the alphabet.

alphabet cards, alphabet booklet, band-aide alphabet, band-aide alphabet booklet, boo boo booklet,animal alphabet, animal alphabet cards, band-aide alphabet, boo boo booklet, band-aide alphabet booklet, For added fine motor fun, make a trip to The Dollar Store, buy a few boxes of Band-Aids and have your students design their own boo-boo initial.

You could also make a boo-boo number line.  It’s currently on my long “To Do” list!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, have students cut a heart on the fold, tear it in half and then “mend” it with a Band-Aid.

Get the “wiggles” out by doing the Band-Aid Pokey with their hearts or Band-Aid initials.  Click on the link to view/print the Band-Aid Pokey.

You can also review and whole-group assess their body parts, by having students place their heart/Band-Aid initial on various parts of their body.

Reveiw spatial directions as well.  Have students place their Band-Aid behind, above, between, on, beside, to the left, to the right, under etc.

Click on the link to view/download The Band-Aid Alphabet Book

I hope this little booklet is the first aid that does the trick in getting your students over that learning hump!

animal alphabet cards, animal alphabet, boo boo booklet, band-aide alphabet booklet,animal alphabet cards, animal alphabet, boo boo booklet, band-aide alphabet, band-aide alphabet booklet, alphabet games,You might find these Animal ABC cards helpful as well.  There are two different sets.

Print off a double set of each one; laminate them and make Memory Match games, or run off copies so that your students can make Itty Bitty Booklets that they will enjoy sequencing and sharing with their families.

You can also play: "I Have, Who Has?" with your students. 

You hold a letter card and show it to your students and then ask for a letter.  The child holding the "asked for" card shows that letter and then asks for another card, until you have gone through all the letters of the alphabet. 

This is a quick, easy and fun way to review letters that your little ones will enjoy. 

Click on the links to view/download the neon animal alphabet cards and/or the realistic animal alphabet cards.

abc heart puzzles, alphabet games, alphabet hearts, zoo alphabet, animal alphabet, alphabet cards, alphabet games, alphabet centers, teaching the alphabet, alphabet booklet, Don't Break My Heart by not knowing your letters, is perfect for February too!

Sprinkle the puzzle hearts on the floor to match the number of students you have in class for the day. 

Students with the uppercase letter find the matching lowercase letter to mend their "broken heart."

This is a great way to partner off students for a game or lesson. 

You can also play Memory Match and I Have-Who Has? with these cards as well.  Run off a set for struggling students to take home to play with their families.

Click on the link to view/download Mend My Heart ABC Matching game.

Do you have a teaching tip you could share with us?  I'd enjoy hearing from you: diane@teachwithme.com OR... feel free to leave a comment here, especially if you use one of my ideas.  I so enjoy and appreciate feedback.  Thanks in advance and...

please pop in tomorrow for more fun ideas!

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