Patterning With Cereal

Munch and Crunch a Pattern!
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Your students will have fun making patterns with cereal!  At the beginning of the school year, have a paper titled: Yes I'd be glad to donate something for a class activity! and have parents sign it at Open House.

Then when you do something like this, send a request for a box of Chex, Cheerios and Froot Loops to those parents on the list.

Cereal can be expensive so mention that there are generic brands that are cheaper.

I put the cereal in Dixie Cups and give students a cup of each so that they can extend their patterns to whatever length they want.

 I made this mat so you can whole-group assess using Chex and Cheerios.  You could also substitute Froot Loops.

 I've also made one with just circles so students can use Cheerio's mixed with Froot Loops or make color patterns using just Froot Loops.

So students can be creative, the last row says: Make your own pattern.

Simply run my templates off and laminate, so that you can use them each year, or make copies for your students to take home for more practice.

Click on the link to view/print the cereal pattern templates.

Be sure and pop back tomorrow for another teaching tip!

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